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Botanical Events from Other Groups

Below is a list of some events of interest to botanists in the greater Philadelphia region. To suggest an event for listing, contact Webmaster Janet Novak at

Crossroads in the Concrete Jungle: Symposium, Workshop, and Field Trip
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
September 22-24, 2016
The organizers plan to start a global working group and network with international researchers to collaborate on how the evolution and distribution of spontaneous plants in urban, temperate areas across the globe are affected by human migration, local and global climate change, and increased urbanization. To this end, the symposium (September 22) will focus on
  • ecology and evolution of urban plants
  • globalization and migration of people and plants
  • landscape design and the urban nature experience
  • plant science education and outreach in urban environments
The workshop (September 23) will focus on developing a worldwide urban plan evolution and education network. The field trips will explore urban flora, research programs, and education programs in the region.
For more information, visit Crossroads in the Concrete Jungle.

Pennsylvania Botany Forum
State College, Pennsylvania
November 18-19, 2016
The Pennsylvania Botany Symposium brings together a diverse audience from amateur to academic botanists, and those interested in the natural world in general. The invited speakers have been carefully selected to share their expertise on a variety of botanical topics including taxonomy, conservation, ecology, biology, history and floristics. Research results will be presented, but at a level appropriate for an audience of diverse backgrounds. The invited speakers are experts with reputations for being engaging and entertaining.
For more information, visit the PA Botany site.

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