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Grant for Students:
The Bayard Long Award for Botanical Research

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The Bayard Long Award provides support for students who are conducting research on plant species found in the region around Philadelphia.

Eligibility: Students enrolled in a degree-granting program at any post-secondary level may apply.

Project Requirements: The research project must advance our knowledge of plants that occur in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic region of the United States, especially the Philadelphia area. Specifically, the research project must include at least one plant species found in this region, although it can include additional plants not found in the region. (For example, a systematic botany project focusing on a genus with worldwide distribution but with one or more species occurring in the northeastern U.S. would be eligible.) For purposes of this award plants are as traditionally defined to include green plants as well the plant-like organisms: lichens, fungi, and all groups of algae. We especially encourage applications on projects that focus on field work and/or herbarium work.

Types of expenses eligible for support: Field, herbarium, and lab work are all eligible for funding. Travel and living expenses associated with field or herbarium research are eligible, as are supplies and minor equipment associated with field or lab work.

Amount of award: The award will generally be for $2000. Higher amounts will be considered depending on needs.

How to Apply: Submit the following items:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Proposal describing the research to be conducted and emphasizing the role the grant funds would play. The proposal should be printed in 11- or 12-point font with 1-inch margins. The proposal (not including the reference list) must fit within two single-spaced pages.
  3. Itemized budget
  4. Two letters of recommendation, one of them from the major professor (graduate students) or adviser (undergraduates)

The preferred route for submission is via email to the Bayard Long Award committee: The main application should be sent as an email attachment. Letters of recommendation may be sent with the main application or in separate emails; if sent separately, please include the name of the applicant in the subject line.

Alternatively, three copies of the application may be mailed to: Dr. Alfred E. Schuyler, Bayard Long Research Award, Philadelphia Botanical Club, Department of Botany, Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195.

Deadline: December 15; awardees will receive notification by February 10.

Awardees will be invited to lead a field trip to their study site or to present their results to the Philadelphia Botanical Club at one of its monthly meetings.

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