Philadelphia Botanical Club

Awardees of the Philadelphia Botanical Club Grant for Botanical Research, Education, and Conservation

For application information, visit the PBC Grant page.


Richard Hull, "Identifying Changes in the Wabash River Corridor's Vascular Plant Flora"

Stephen Mason, Jr., "Post Fire Effects on Plant Vigor in the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve"


Scott Beadenkopf, "Digitization of the Mary Gibson Henry Collection"

Jaron Olevsky, "Restoring the Woodlands of Fernhill Park"


Ryan Schmidt, "Rediscovering the 'Weeds' of New Jersey: Understanding the Distribution of Weedy and Nonnative Species in New Jersey through Specimen Collection"

Marion Andrews Holmes and Michelle Elise Spicer, "Influence of Bark Texture and Deer Browse on Community Assembly on Downed Logs Following Catastrophic Wind Disturbance"


Joe Arensault, "Chronostratigraphy of a New Jersey Peri-Glacial Depression"

Alvin Liu, support for the publication of Drosera of the New Jersey Pinelands, U.S.A.

Gemma Milly, "A Regional Assessment of Twinleaf Populations to Better Understand and Steward Disjunct Occurrences in the Delaware River Basin"

Kerrie Sendall, "Using Deer Exclosures to Aid in Forest Understory Restoration at Rider University"


Mary Allessio Leck and Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Seed Bank and Vegetation Regeneration following Phragmites australis spp. australis (Phragmites) Removal by Herbicide Treatment in a Tidal Freshwater Wetland (Roebling Park, Mercer County, New Jersey)

Jared Rosenbaum, Botanical and Ecological Assessment of the Globally Significant Trap Rock Glades at the Watchung Reservation


Joni Baumgarten, How Edaphic Conditions Influence the Population Success of Rare Sedge Rhynchospora knieskernii

Maddison Paule and Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, Hillside Restoration at Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens


Jennifer Blake-Mahmud, Temporal and Environmental Dimensions of Variable Sex Expression in Striped Maple

Jordan R. Hoffman, Combing for Beach Broccoli: First Assessment of the Endemic Lichen Cladonia submitis in the New Jersey Pinelands and Delmarva using citizen science


Christopher Hoess, Analysis of Soils Supporting Growth of Adiantum pedatum On and Off Serpentine


Ann Rhoads and Roger Latham, Adaptive Management Restoration of the Unionville Serpentine Barrens

Alison Ostertag, Educational Display Materials for Grumblethorpe House on Notable Trees and Plant Collecting by the Wisters

Viola pedata